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Eurofees is a specialist EU cross-border debt recovery and debt purchase company.

We are part of a group of companies; we specialise in both the purchase and collection of debts and currently manage over £1bn of debt spread across more than 1 million separate accounts.

Our service across Europe is second to none. We utilise the latest sophisticated tracing techniques that are complemented by our bespoke software and highly trained staff. We believe we are different because of our experience, years in the industry and our own in-house training team. All this means that all our collectors operate through the most ethical and advanced debt collection procedures possible ensuring a customer-centric approach at all times.

A combination of employing a rigorous collection regime and expert support from our Solicitors produces results every time.

Why not contact us today and see what we can do to assist you in recovering your outstanding accounts, we know that we can make a real difference.


  • We are Community Administrator's situated in Torrevieja (Alicante), we heard about Eurofees in 2013 and decided to employ them in order to recover outstanding community fees from people that have properties on the "Costa Blanca" and that we have been unable to locate here or at their British addresses, all we can say is that the response has been fantastic so far, we really didn't know if we would ever locate these owners and our only option was start legal proceedings in the Spanish Courts, unfortunately this process can take years and even once a sentence is reached collection is not guaranteed, all we have to do is give Eurofees the contac

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    Annette Raw,

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