vulnerable-imgAt Eurofees, we aim to treat each of our customers fairly.

This means we take special care when dealing with customers who find themselves in financial difficulties. All our payment plans are tailored to suit each of our customer’s individual circumstances. We aim to be transparent and clear when dealing with our customers. We will keep them informed of the status of their account and the next steps to be taken, as well as offering a wide variety of options that are flexible as well as reasonable..

Acting proportionately is one of our key policies. This is why we ask customers to inform us of their financial situation if they are currently experiencing financial difficulties. If you believe you are in a vulnerable position regarding your account, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible.

We will be understanding of your situation and we will never make unreasonable demands for payments. You will be asked to supply us with evidence of your circumstances, since this will help us devise a personal plan for you. We are willing to put your account on hold for a reasonable period of time in order for you to make representations. Our solutions usually range from a temporary reduction on a payment agreement for short-term difficulties, or a prolonged reduced agreement for customers experiencing long-term problems. We will always ensure that our payment plans leave our customers with enough funds to meet their obligations.

If you would like to seek advice regarding debt, there are a number of organisations that can help you, such as the debt charity Step Change, The National Debtline, or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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